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JAKE MANDERS [Divided By Dirt]

JAMES MCARDLE [Divided By Dirt]


The Trades Club
Holme Street
Hebden Bridge
T/ 01422 845265

Friday November the 24th will be our last DividedByDirt party at The Trades Club.
Now, we know what you’re thinking, uhhh oh, not another techno party that’s lost its edge, and its crowd,
and had to bow out of the game. Well, that couldn’t be further from it.

As a lot of you know myself and Jake’s best friend and one third of DividedByDirt, Dave Caine, tragically
committed suicide in January of this year.
We’ve tried very hard to get on with things and continue with our lives as best we can, ‘life goes on’ and all
that. It’s true, and it does go on, but from that moment onwards it goes on in a very different way.
You have to change things, and those things have to change you.

We made the decision a long time ago that we would never let DividedByDirt burn out, become stale,
become one of the so many things where people say ‘Remember when they used to be good? And now
they’re shit, why didn’t they just end it whilst it was still good?’

We’ve sold out, bar one, every party we’ve done over the last few years.
The parties have gone from strength to strength over the 4 and a bit years we’ve been doing them and the
support we’ve received has been to say the least, amazing. From the people who have traveled far and wide to
come to the night and the DJs and agents who worked with us and took a risk to come and play, to the loyal
inhabitants of Hebden Bridge who have turned up for every party, most of who are, or have become, our
very good friends.

There are many reasons why we have both come to this decision, too many to go into just now, this isn’t the
last party we will ever throw, just the end of DividedByDirt at The Trades Club.
Neither of us have stopped DJing either, we’ve both kept a low profile this year and avoided almost
everything possible, but we will be back DJing soon.

We want to thank everyone who ever came to the parties, all of you who screamed at the end of each party
for more, all of you who passed out in the corner before that part of the night, and to all the DJs who played
for us over the years.

We do not thank all the people who sneaked in for free over the years when the door staff took a piss, you
cheap fuckers. Or, the residents who complained at every given opportunity, come on, it wasn’t even that
often, a lot of people in the village actually like to have fun, please get over it.

We’d like to give special thanks to Craig Richards, Paul Daley, Andrew Weatherall, Mark Turner, Fabric in
London, Pressure in Glasgow, Kindergarten in Manchester and Mike Shillabeer our sound engineer for
their continued support.

And of course, The Trades Club, for giving us a fantastic, unique space to host our parties in over the years
and for putting up with all the ‘one more’ requests, the broken glass, the left equipment and the fannying
about during the Saturday afternoon football, the police, the upstairs, the complaints, any little white lies
and all the nice little drawings people left on your walls.
The bar takings were pretty damn good though eh?

So, that’s pretty much it, the last night, Andrew Weatherall, all night long, playing whatever the hell he likes,
and of course, you’re all invited.

Please, please, I know we’ve said it so many times before, but buy your tickets early!

Take care, it has been an absolute pleasure…

James McArdle & Jake Manders [ DividedByDirt ]

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